Van Gogh Foundation Acquires 1888 Letter

The Van Gogh foundation has acquired a letter written by Vincent Van Gogh himself in 1888.

The letter, which will be added to the Van Gogh museum collection is even more unusual as it was co-written by fellow artist and friend of Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin.

The contents are an account of their stay at the Yellow house in Arles, southern France.

It was written to Emile Bernard, another artist and friend of the pair.  Van Gogh and Gauguin were living together at the time and also collaborating on art projects.

The letter will be added to the “Your Loving Vincent” exhibit originally due to go on view from 9th October 2020 at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.


Photo credit: Jan-Kees Steenman, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

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